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The Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu is a general practice law firm located in Orange, California. The firm serves Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside Counties in California and other areas throughout California. The firm provides legal representation to clients who need assistance in a variety of legal matters, including the following practice areas:

Commercial (Bankruptcy)

The Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu assists consumers and small busniesses with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Filing bankruptcy can halt foreclosures, prevent repossessions, stop wage garnishments, stay law suits, and end creditor harassment. Through bankruptcy, our offices can help you strip your second mortgage or reduce your mortgage payments.

Business Contracts

A contract represents an official agreement between two parties. Every word in a contract is important. There is always the possibility that the contract drafter may include a loophole in the contract at the cost of the other party. For these reasons, it is important to have an attorney review your business contracts. The Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu can help protect your interest by drafting or reviewing your business contracts. Having our office review your business contracts will help you avoid unpleasant situations.


Immigration Law can be very overwhelming if you don't have the time to sit and wade through the complex sets of federal rules. Whether you are seeking to obtain a national green card, become a US citizen, need representation in a deportation or removal proceeding, looking for asylum, seeking employment based immigration, or need to appeal a deportation order, it is crucial that you contact the Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu for assistance.  With recent changes in Immigration Law and growing enforcement, obtaining citizenship or residency in the United States can be discouraging.  To be sure that your interests are represented, contact our offices today; we are ready to assist you with your immigration needs.

Cyber Law

The novel ways in which internet services providers, individuals, and businesses, including owners of websites and content, interact via the web can give rise to complex legal issues and disputes. Developing a strategy to prevent and deal with these complex issues and disputes requires knowing what law will apply in any given situation. At the Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu, we help our clients develop strategies to prevent internet related disputes and pursue remedies to defend and enforce their rights.


A Driving Under Influence (DUI) charge in California is a very serious matter. If you are currently facing a DUI charge, the Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu will advise you on your options and help protect your rights. From the onset, we will advise you not to discuss the facts of your case with anyone since anything you say can and will be used against you at trail. The Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu will challenge evidence, question an officer's presumption of guilt, and zealously advocate for your best interest at any hearing.

Oil & Gas Law

Oil and gas law deals with eminent domain, mineral rights, easements, regulatory compliance, and right of way. The law surrounding oil and gas law requires the attention of a lawyer who has the understanding and know how to properly represent you. At the Law Offices of Anthony C. Madu, we represent landowners, energy companies, and contractors in a variety of legal matters involving oil and gas. Our knowledge of oil and gas law allows us to effectively and efficiently protect the interest of our clients.