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What is the first step when filing for social security disability?

The first step is to fill out the social security disability benefits application online at the SSA’s website You can also apply in person at your local Social Security field office, over the phone by calling the SSA’s customer service: 1-800-772-121, by or by mail. Before starting, read the online check list which can be found on the SSA website;

An attorney can help you at this stage to complete your benefits application or at any other stages such as hearing and appeal if needed.

The attorney will analyze and evaluate your medical, psychiatric, vocational, educational records and other evidence that you provide, according to the Federal Social Security Act and State Programs administrative criteria.

Do not wait too long to apply for SSDI as you can only receive back pay of benefits for a maximum of one year before your application date.

Do not apply too soon for SSDI if you do not have sufficient medical information to show that your disability will last at least one year and is not a short-term disability.

Do see a doctor before filing a SSDI claim to determine if your doctor agrees with your assessment of your disability.

Do follow your doctor’s orders and comply with the treatment plan.